Notes from the Pastor,

What a week it has been. I mentioned in mass this past weekend; someone forgot to conclude their prayers for rain! Rain is good but the parish and the surrounding area seem to receive more than their share.  By the time you read this, we will have had several more monsoon storms.

This is the latest on the damage to the church. The assessments will take some time as there was damage all over Saint Joseph's parish and school. All major damage is being handled by the Property management office of the Diocese of Tucson in conjunction with our Parish.  I must thank them for the quick response to my calls for help. They came through!

Main damage: the stained glass windows and frame, on the north side, came crashing down witnessed by the Spanish prayer group. I thank God no one was hurt. Everyone was quite shocked and shaken. It was an experience for everyone. When the gust of wind brought down the framing it pushed against the twin stained glass windows, Saint Joseph statue side, and it was pushed out. The gust also pushed up the sky-light above the Altar and may have damaged the dome. Both windows will be covered and secured until they are replaced. The church roof and dome will take some time to assess. As of this writing, and several storms, we have had no rainwater come through the dome which is good news for me since I am under it most of the time.

Fr. Liam's house roof will be replaced. A tree fell and was brought up and destroyed part of the school fence. The tree was removed and the fence has already been repaired. The awning in front of the school will have to be brought down. All pre-k overhangs and pergolas were destroyed. A breezeway at the school was blocked off by debris and flooded two restrooms but they have drained. The restrooms have a lot of dried mud which will be cleaned up. The marquee in the front of the church will need some repair. 

All in all, we survived a lot. Thank you, God! The main thing is no one was hurt that night!

Big Thanks, to all Parishioners, school parents, and students who showed up this week to help out with the clean-up. Many adults shared their skills and gifts to do major clean-up and repair, especially with all the downed trees. Too many to thank personally but you know who you are. Great Job!

I will keep you up to date on the assessments and repairs as best as I can. Please note that all scheduling has not changed. We are in the original parish church, Healy Hall!  Please see the other side of this note to see our scheduling.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Robert A. Rodriguez

Pastor of Saint Joseph’s Parish, Tucson









Daily Mass in Healy Hall

 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday will be at 12 noon.

Saturday Mass at 9 am


Confessions at 3:30 pm -4:30 pm on Saturdays


Saturday vigil mass – 5:30 pm


7:00 am     

9:30 am

11:30 am Spanish

5:30 pm

Baptisms will be held in Healy Hall when they have been scheduled by a Deacon.

The Blessed Sacrament will be in a Tabernacle in the Hall only from Saturday morning to Sunday evening. It will be brought back to the main church during the weekdays and I will do a headcount for those receiving communion at the daily mass.

This will allow your events and group gatherings to continue in Healy Hall when it is not being used for the Holy Mass. 

Please call the front office with any questions.

Rev. Robert A. Rodriguez, Pastor of Saint Joseph’s Parish, Tucson

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