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Second Collection for Our Catholic Schools

Catholic Schools’ Second Collection September 23-24!  How does your donation help?  This annual second collection helps the Department of Catholic Schools provide necessary support to our 22 Catholic schools, approximately 549 educators, and 6470 students in the following areas:

  • Adult Ministry Certification

  • Coordinated Health consultingservices

  • School Counseling consulting services

  • Standardized Assessments

  • Scholarship Management Support

  • School leadership support and coaching

  • Support and resources for pastors of parish schools

  • Accreditation training and support

  • Elementary Tucson sports league

  • Support for diocesan CARE Student Intervention Process 

  • Policy guidance

  • Federal Title Programs

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Second coll 2 a.png
second Coll 2 b.png
Catholic Schools’ Second Collection September 23-24!  Please consider a donation to this most important ministry of the Church – forming the mind and soul of the children we serve!
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