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  • In order to promote safety and health in public worship and assist in alleviating undue anxiety among the faithful (especially the elderly), it seems prudent to reissue the following liturgical guidelines for the Diocese of Tucson.


  • The Centers for Disease Control together with the Bishops’ Committee on Divine Worship remind us that the coronavirus and the flu are spread through personal, physical contact with someone who is sick (either through inhaling the virus, or through hand-to-mouth transmission with a contaminated surface). The CDC says that the best prevention is self-isolation of people who are sick, avoiding close contact with others, cleaning hands frequently, and covering mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.

    Furthermore, the CDC recognizes various “levels” to health crises. These diocesan guidelines are based on the CDC’s response to any potential crisis that may be brought on by the flu or other infectious disease.


Pima County- Coronavirus updates:

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